Scott Galloway 2018 Forecast – Breakup of The Big Tech Companies

4th of February 2018

Very interesting and impressive presentation by professor of marketingĀ Scott Galloway at the 2018

Digital-Life-Design in Munich

Herman Finkers – Daarboven in de Hemel

4th of February 2018

Herman Finkers

Piers Morgan On…..Marbella

19th of January 2018

Objective documentary by Piers Morgan about wealth, lifestyles, crime and corruption in Marbella

Brigitte Kaandorp – Andries Knevel

16th of January 2018

Brigitte Kaandorp

EWF Live – That’s The Way of the World

20th of December 2017

The National Anthem” of Earth, Wind & Fire

Theo Maassen – Van Kwaad Tot Erger

20th of December 2017

Theo Maassen

ASMR Close Up Personal Sleep Attention

20th of December 2017

ASMR Darling’s YouTube channel

Zaai – Odeklonje (Aflevering 17)

8th of December 2017

Zaai: Ingrid, Irma and mailman Siemen

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