Bill Burr on Motherhood and Oprah

11th of November 2016


Best stand up comedian on the planet: timing, phrasing, choice of politically incorrect topicsBill Burr has got it all   🙂

Other news:

CNN Money’s Poppy Harlow talks to Warren Buffet about president elect Donald Trump: Temperament and Judgement

with regards to weapons of mass destruction

Star Wars Commercials

11th of November 2016

star-wars-leia-bw han-solo-wookie

Star Wars

Joe Jackson – You Can’t Get What You What (Till You Know What You Want) 1988

11th of November 2016



Barry White with Arsenio Hall

Arnold Schwarzenegger: I had to get out of Austria

Alfa Romeo 159 diesel surprise

Avoid deer collisions while driving: Jalopnik

(Beautiful animals, but they scare me to death when they suddenly cross the road in the dark!)

Bloomberg Travels: The Azores

Dutch Venus House

9th of November 2016

villa-kogelhof-1 villa-kogelhof-by-paul-de-ruiter-aerial-view-bw kogelhof-kamperland-bw kogelhof-netherlands kogelhof-viewkogelhof-interior

This house isn’t named Venus but Kogelhof. Had Steve Jobs not built a yacht in Holland but a minimalistic house, I think

it would have looked like this. Land: 25 hectares or about 62 acres. House floor space: 715 m2 or 7722 square feet. Six car

garage. Villa Kogelhof is self-sufficient in terms of its energy requirements . Architect: not Philippe Starck but Paul de Ruiter

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

8th of November 2016


Catch Me If You Can

Barry White – I Believe in Love (1980)

7th of November 2016

barry-white-gold-records-home barry-white-posing-seated-gold-and-black-outfit-bw

Song from the 1980 released album Sheet Music. One of The Big Man’s lesser known tracks. Some people regard him

as a sort of Disco icon. I think that’s not showing enough respect to his work. Barry White created some of the best soul

and funk grooves in history. Timeless quality thanks to his skill, talent and pure love of music

Mr White interviewed in 1987:

Prince – Chelsea Rodgers (2007)

5th of November 2016


Doesn’t get much funkier en sexier than this. Released twenty years after Sign o The Times. Most artists have a certain

decade in which they were creative and succesful. Not His Majesty. This song proves Prince’s creativity and quality

were still at his best   Chelsea Rodgers

Written, arranged, composed, produced and perfomed by Prince and The New Power Generation

Prince’s Paisley Park now open to the public

KUNGS vs Cookin’ On 3 Burners – This Girl (2016)

4th of November 2016

kungs-vs-cookinon-3-burners-this-girl-boat-bw kungs-vs-cookinon-3-burners-this-girl-sunrisethis-girl-kungs-vs-cookin-on-3-burners-girl-blue-coat-sea-bwkungs-vs-cookinon-3-burners-this-girl-boy-rocks-sun-bw

Video of the original track from 2009     KUNGS vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners     Greek island remix video

Boat news:

New drone video of Oceanco’s Y712 and Y715 yachts. Grace vs volume

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