Dionne Bromfield – Foolin’ (2011)

10th of January 2017

Dionne Bromfield

Maserati Quattroporte

10th of January 2017

I think the sixth generation Quattroporte is the best looking car on the market. Especially in dark colors

Gorgeous interior. Non-shiny wood trim also available. With the 2016 facelift the diesel got AdBlue (Less NOx emissions)

Italian styling at its best

Looks even better with the four round exhausts imo, instead of the rectangular ones in this V8 version

And without badging and antenna, less = more

Relatively low weight and running costs. In diesel trim the first sensible QP. Exclusive, stylish, discrete, classy, heritage,

spacious, and a fun to drive performance sedan

Maserati Quattroporte

Moony – Dove (2002)

10th of January 2017


Car Design and Radio SatNav Antennas

10th of January 2017

The French way: radio antenna at the front of the roof

German: W126 with retractable Hirschmann radio antenna

Best solution: radio antenna integrated in the rear windscreen of this Alfa Romeo 166

One of the first SatNav antennas on the bootlid of this facelifted W140

Probably an idea of a subcontractor: I think the E60 was the first with the awful plastic “shark fin” at the rear of the roof

One of the worst offenders: Volvo C70 convertible. Like most cabriolets with a steel folding roof it’s proportions weren’t

the best. Let alone the antenna mess!

Tesla’s Model X shows you can do without ghastly plastic fins (Spoiler is retractable)

Felix Jaehn – Ain’t Nobody (Ft Jasmine Thompson) Rooftop Boys Remix

5th of January 2017

Acoustic version of the same track by Jasmine Thompson

2016 USA Car Sales

5th of January 2017

Fastest growing segment worldwide: SUVs. How many models does Cadillac offer on the American market?

Only two surprisingly. The new XT5 (top photo) and the Escalade. Which basically is a luxury Chevy Tahoe. With a live

rear axle and a ladder chassis. Common in most full size pick-up trucks. By comparison: Mercedes offers seven SUV’s.

Cadillac also has no sports car, no convertible and no electric car on sale.

No wonder it’s market share is slipping. GM thinks eliminating dealerships is part of the solution. European sales are

marginal. General Motors as a whole has improved substantially in the past years. But might need better people at the

higest level to get Cadillac back to top class where the brand belongs

2016 auto sales were also boosted by low gas prices

Gregory Porter – Hey Laura (2013)

4th of January 2017

Style, class, talent and a fabulous voice:  Gregory Porter

A Bronx Tale (1993)

4th of January 2017

Robert de Niro

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