De Vries XL / Feadship’s 92.5m (303 ft) superyacht build number 1005 in Makkum

20th of October 2014

Feadship 1005 stuurboord 60pcFeadship 1005 side front 60pcFeadship 1005 Makkum cr side 60pcFeadship 1005 Makkum logo 40pcFeadship 1005 Makkum close up boeg 60pcFeadship 1005 De Vries Makkum antenna mast exhausts 50pc

Yacht was launched October the 11th 2014. Room for 14 guests and 22 crew. Exterior: Feadship in-house design, interior

by Seymour Diamond. Steel hull, aluminium superstructure, 2933 gross tons. #1005 features a large pool on the aft main

deck (On the photos covered in white protective material). Dimensions: 12 x 4 x 1.4m (39 x 13 x 4.6 ft), with a glass

overflow at the rear. Engines: two MTU 16V4000 with 3,000 hp each.

Hull 1006 will probably arrive soon in Makkum, apparently 90 meters (295 ft) in length

Oceanco’s Y710 outbound near the Maeslantkering

19th of October 2014

Y710 Henk van der Heijden

Excellent photo taken by Henk van der Heijden capturing Oceanco’s Y710 outbound on sea trails near the Maeslantkering

storm surge barrier

Sailing.HR Summer 2014 sailing Croatia video

18th of October 2014

Storm Yachts’ first X-65 and Wim van der Valk’s 24m trawler concept

18th of October 2014

Storm X-65 night Storm X-65 trailer

Storm Yachts’ first X-65 motoryacht was transported to her outfitting location

24m Valk trawler varend 24m Valk trawler

New renderings of the Guido de Groot designed 24m (79 ft) Continental Trawler yacht

Wim van der Valk Continental Yachts

Other news:

A photo of Oceanco’s Y710 during trails on the New Waterway near Rotterdam. Listing to starboard probably caused by

deliberate slalom manoeuvres: Shipspotting   The photographer alas didn’t make a video, would have been interesting and

spectacular footage.

Lynx Yachts has developed a design of a 55 meter (180 ft) motoryacht for an American client: Superyachttimes

Video of Mulder Shipyard’s 98 Flybridge arriving in Scheveningen

17th of October 2014

Mulder Shipyard

Oceanco’s 88.5m (290 ft) megayacht Y710 on North Sea trails

17th of October 2014

Ship arrived an hour later than ETA indicated, therefore a limited amount of natural light. Total sea trails on this day lasted

about twelve hours. One of the standard procedures is going to top speed, then letting the engines idle until the ship comes

to a standstill, and then going to full speed again. This is done over and over again for hours on end.

ICON Yachts & Laurent Giles 112m “370″ superyacht concept

16th of October 2014

Icon 370 Icon 370 top view

Estimated build time: 3.5 years. Naval architecture by ICON Yachts and Laurent Giles UK. Exterior by Redman

Whiteley Dixon. Length overall: 367 ft or 112 meters. Beam: 54 ft or 16.5m. Draft: 15.7 ft or 4.8m  ICON Yachts

ICON Yachts’ “Icon 250″ megayacht

16th of October 2014

Icon 250Icon 250 waterfall

Length: 76m or 249.3 ft, designed by Tim Heywood. Estimated build time: 2 years  ICON Yachts

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