Gregory Porter Performs It’s Probably Me

12th of October 2017

Porter covered Sting’s 1993 released It’s Probably Me at the 2017 Polar Music Prize. Better than the original I think.

No surprise, as Mr Porter sings at the same level as Bobby Womack, Al Green, Stevie Wonder or Marvin Gaye

Gregory performing Let It Be

Rick Steves’ Europe – Tuscany and Umbria Country Charm

8th of October 2017

Another one of Rick Steves’ high quality European travel videos. Informative, pleasant voice over, beautiful scenery

and a slow pace to soak up all marvells of Italy’s best

Lebbis – Happinez

8th of October 2017

Lebbis for me is too much ADHD to watch an entire show, but some of his sketches are brilliant!

Gated Reverb – The Sound Of The Eighties

22nd of August 2017

Susan Rogers

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (2012)

12th of August 2017

Lana Del Rey

Herman Finkers – De Vrouw

7th of August 2017

Herman Finkers

The Martian (2015)

7th of August 2017

The Martian

Bert Visscher – Afijn – Thuis In Technologie

7th of August 2017

Bert Visscher

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