Gated Reverb – The Sound Of The Eighties

22nd of August 2017

Susan Rogers

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (2012)

12th of August 2017

Lana Del Rey

Herman Finkers – De Vrouw

7th of August 2017

Herman Finkers

The Martian (2015)

7th of August 2017

The Martian

Bert Visscher – Afijn – Thuis In Technologie

7th of August 2017

Bert Visscher

Barry Gibb – Glastonbury 2017

4th of August 2017

In 2016 Barry joined Coldplay for the last two songs of the festival. This year he was asked to perform a full 1 hour set!

Including duets with Beth Cohen (middle)

Sir Humphrey Appleby – The Consummate Civil Servant

4th of August 2017

Brilliant scene from the Yes MinisterWhisky Priest” episode (1982)

2Black – Waves Of Luv (2004)

4th of August 2017

Track also known as Waves Of Love / In Alto Mare

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