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Top 20 Classic Super Yachts

Super Yachts

From Germany to the Netherlands and every country in between, the superyachts industry is a blooming industry that hires thousands of skilled craftsmen and women from all over the world. These handcrafted bodies from the Mediterranean to the Bahamas are a source of entertainment, business and job opportunities for those on board. In this article, we’ve listened the 20 of the exclusive super yachts that are incredible masterpieces.

Paloma — 1965, Japan.

It is 60.11 meter motor yacht that was rebuilt in 2004 with new interiors, and exteriors to ABS class. She consists if the latest engineering equipment with the installation of modern navigation systems. Paloma accommodates 12 guests with two double, and two twin cabins. Madiz- 1902, UK

Paloma — 1965, Japan.

It is 60.9 m yacht that was built in 1902 using the oldest steel and iron existing in the world. The yacht still retains some masterpieces including the Cuban mahogany in the master bedroom which can accommodate 14 guests.

Voyager- 1973, Spain

The yacht was redesigned in the year 2005, to accommodate charter guests. It consists of a helicopter with jet fuel storage. The interiors are captivating with a colorful style accommodating 12 guests.

Shemara- 1983, UK

It was discovered before World War II. After being neglected in a poor condition for several years, she was re-launched in 2014 at Trafalgar Wharf.

Rossy One- 1931, Germany

It was serving in US Navy during World War II. It is a 66 m yacht which was recently rebuilt to luxury, accommodating ten guests in five cabins.

La Sultana- 1962, Bulgaria

It became the largest yacht in the world after its renovation, which was earlier operating in the Black Sea.

Dona Amelia — 1929, Germany

The exterior follows a retro styling, which depicted a 19th century appearance. She was later sold the German government that changed her interiors and made it all the more captivating. The One -1973, Germany

It was a earlier considered as one of the most beautiful yachts, however it was damaged in the fire at Marmaris Marina in 2016.

Dannebrog — 1931, Denmark

This also depicts the retro style of the 19th century and she’s now used regularly for official uses in several islands around Denmark.

Talitha — 1930, Germany

She was earlier used by the US army during World War II. Her unserviceable engine has laid her in the still waters and family uses it occasionally.

Lady Sarya — 1972, Italy

She has some unconventional looks when compared to other yachts with a swimming pool in the upper deck. Despite the fact that her size, she can only accommodate three guests. Delphine — 1921, US

She served as the flagship of Admiral King of the US Flet during World War II. She was altering purchased by a Belgium woman who had converted her into a cruise.

Al Dirhiyah — 1960, Japan.

It is present in the former capital of Saudi Arabia.

Norge — 1937, UK

She was recently bought by the Norwegian Navy and attends regattas as the morthership. She was originally built for this purpose.

Nahlin — 1900, UK

After being stagnant in a Liverpool shipyard, she is now in action with a modern yet classic designed interior.

Sea Cloud — 1931, Germany

The yacht charters in Mediterranean in the summer and the West Indies in the winter. She can accommodate 60 crew with 34 cabins.

Christina O -1943, Canada

Christina O -1943, Canada

She is an iconic yacht that was also featured in the Vogue 15 of super yachts.

Issham Al-Baher

This royal yacht runs along Saudi Arabia.

Savarona -1931, Germany

She rudders and propelled in a 3 million dollar refit in Germany

El Mahroussa -1865, UK

She is powered by steam turbines and also is a superpower with a top speed off 16 knots,