The Adventurer’s Guide to Mauritius Discovery Tours

If you’re looking for a great nature discovery experience, then Mauritius is the right place for you. It’s a well-known tourist destination because of its natural beauty and amazing scenic views. It’s also jam-packed with must-see places to explore and several things to do throughout your holiday vacation aside from luxury cruises. If you want to enjoy your travel experience to the fullest, here’s the adventurer’s guide to Mauritius Discovery Tours:

1. Helmet Diving

Mauritius has so much to offer to make your adventure escapade more memorable. Even if you’re a non-diver, the place will not let you go home without having a glimpse of the underwater marine world. Helmet diving, for instance, is a great way to see the plethora of colorful fish and marine life without going through a certification course itself. 

At the famous Belle Mare beach, you can explore and witness the underwater world by going down to a platform with a 3-4 metre depth through a helmet. Believe it or not, as soon you’re there, you’ll definitely find the whole adventure remarkable, wanting to see more of the underwater world.  

2. Diving

Mauritius is a place where marine life is so abundant and plentiful. That’s why it’s no surprise that diving is a must-do activity there. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced diver, you can naturally enjoy seeing dolphins, humpback whales, and sharks and more importantly, the abundance of some distant dive sites. So, if you’re a scuba diver, don’t miss this incredible adventure while you’re in Mauritius.

3. Submarine Ride

If you’re an ocean lover, then you must try Mauritius’ submarine ride adventure. The submarine can take you down to up to 35 meters where you can see turtles, shipwrecks, and other marine life. Look for Blue Safari, get the chance to ride a submarine for about 40 minutes and get the most out of your underwater documentaries. 

4. Dolphin Watching

If you love dolphins, Mauritius is the best place to watch dolphins with your own eyes. The animals there are completely wild so they often go to the area in the mornings for the feeding. To avoid changing their usual patterns, the tourists aren’t allowed to feed them. Even if some people can try to swim with the dolphins, they’re just too fast.  

If you want to enjoy the experience, it’s best to ride a boat instead where you can watch them play in the water. Moreover, the dolphins you’ll see there are in the wild, that’s why they’re free to do whatever they want. 

5. Island Hopping

Your holiday is best enjoyed when you explore the turquoise blue beaches and lagoons found in Mauritius. Naturally, the place is rich in marine life, so you shouldn’t miss the island hopping yourself. Going from one private beach to the next is what you can get during the activity. While you’re there, Mauritius also provides snorkeling opportunities in each place you visit. Beaches like La Cambuse, Le Morne, Mont Choisy, and many more can be some of the ideal places where you can relax with nature.  

6. Quad Biking

If you want to wander through Mauritius’ sugar plantations and natural reserves, you can do it using motorcycles or quad bikes. With the place’s panoramic scenery, you can drive through lots of off-road paths and clear green spaces where you can spot some wild animals such as deer and rare birds. You’ll inevitably fall in love with nature when riding within the natural reserves of this place. 

7. Skydiving

Are you looking for an unforgettable skydiving experience? You don’t have to look further because Mauritius offers this one-of-a-kind adventure. Jumping a hundred feet from the sky with white sand beaches and blue seas as your background can give you the thrill and the extreme adrenaline rush. Also, doing skydiving in this place is incomparable because you can do it with some of its picturesque views.  

If you haven’t tried it yet, book your vacation now and make Mauritius the better place to do it for the first time. You can also use Mauritius Discovery Tour guides to help you find the best adventure experience for you and your family. 

8. Hiking

If you’re an outdoor person, Mauritius has a wide range of hiking trails that will take you along various scenic views such as the endemic forests, coastal lines, and rivers. Explore the local area by checking these few trails perfect for any hiking activities: 

  • Rodrigues 
  • Lion Mountain 
  • Black River Peak 
  • Signal Mountain 
  • Central Plateau

9. Parasailing

One of the best things to do during your holiday vacation in Mauritius is parasailing. This activity offers you breathtaking views of the beautiful beaches and lagoon in the place. So, if extreme outdoors is your thing, you can always go parasailing because it’s a thrill waiting to happen. 

10. Deep sea fishing

It’s the most exciting attraction in Mauritius. With the place’s wealth of marine life, it becomes one of the world’s prominent game fishing destinations. Don’t miss this extraordinary outing at sea during your vacation. The entire experience is best enjoyed if you can find and catch lots of small fish, squids and even bigger fish such as the blue marlin and sailfish. So, what are you waiting for? Book a fishing boat now and take full advantage of your deep sea fishing trip. 

11. Kiteboarding

It’s another adrenaline-fueled sport you can look forward to Mauritius. Since the entire island is crammed with clear lagoons and reefs, it becomes an adventure playground as soon as the wind starts blowing.  If it’s your first time, you can take a few lessons within three days. From there, you’ll see yourself cruising along the waters of the island. Le Morne, for instance, is known for being a kite lagoon and the primary spot to do this kind of activity.  


Hopefully, you find this article useful when planning for your next holiday adventure. In Mauritius, you’ll get a variety of opportunities to explore and enjoy the wonders of nature. While it’s so easy to just stay at your resort, it’s recommended that you spend a day wandering the exciting and thrilling side of the place.