Tesla Semi and New Roadster

17th of November 2017

Not often a company introduces a product that makes me go “Wow”! But this new Tesla Semi is revolutionary, and

might be a game changer. Lower cost per mile than a comparable diesel truck. Once fully autonomous

these 18 wheelers will reduce the cost-of-ownership dramatically. No driver, very little brake pad or brake disc wear.

Charge when loading or unloading. And being able to work 24 hours per day, emission free

Some specs:

Central seated driver, range of max 800 kilometer or 500 miles at highway speeds

30 minute recharge at Megachargers for 400 miles or 640km of range

0 to 60 mph or 96 km/h in 5 seconds without the trailer

0 to 60 mph or 96 km/h in 20 seconds with 80,000 lbs of cargo trailer

Windshield of impact resistent glass, reinforced battery and very low centre of gravity

Ability to travel in convoy where one semi leads the others autonomously

On board sensors to prevent jackknifing, production to start in late 2019

Biggest surprise was the unveiling of the second generation Roadster. Available from 2020, with totally insane specs.

People could even take a ride in Tesla’s fastest car!

Yes, it’s Maximum Plaid fast, but most remarkable imo is the new 200 kWh battery pack. Twice the energy of the

current top models, the 100 kWh S and X. Impressive work by Tesla partner Panasonic.

Range of the new four seat (probably a 2 + 2 in real life) Roadster: 620 miles or 998 km at highway speeds

Marques Brownlee┬ástunned by Tesla’s new hypercar