Svenska Aeroplan AB

6th of March 2017

SAAB 9000 hatchback, probably an Aero version. First SAAB dealer I visited was the Auto Hotel Rotterdam, located at

the Mariniersweg street (They went out of business in 1995). At the time I had very little knowledge of what I was looking

at, but I found both the 9000 and the brochures quite impressive. Cars are emotion, true!

Quite a cool car. Not based on the Insignia, but on the longer 2010 Buick LaCrosse

When the new 9-5 was introduced, there was some criticism about the interior materials used. NVH, ergonomics.

seats, room and safety apparently very good

Such a pity GM continued to make the same mistakes as Ford Motor Company did with Volvo and Jaguar at the time:

first introducing a car from the lesser brand. And often a year later started building the “premium” version.

A Vauxhall / OPEL owner wouldn’t mind driving a SAAB derivative. The other way around was marketing suicide

Svenska Aeroplan AB