Alien – Prometheus (2012)

10th of June 2017

Some people and organisations try to find / make contact with alien lifeforms. Understandable and very interesting, but…..

it’s also likely that aliens might be hostile towards humans. Probably safer for our species to keep a low profile. Just think

of what happened to North and South American Indians after Columbus arrived….

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated

Space X’s CRS-11 Landing Footage

7th of June 2017

Stunning footage and utterly amazing company: instead of doing things like-we’ve-always-done-them Space-X (Well,

Genius Elon actually) rethinks and questions everything. And has come up with brilliant and very economic solutions.

This Falcon 9 rocket landing near the beach at Cape Canavaral was their fifth on land, and number 11 overall.

Fascinating stuff!

Island of Elba – Tuscany

1st of June 2017

Cavoli bay. Elba is less than half the size of Ibiza: 224 sq km versus 575 sq km for the Spanish island.

Or 87 sq miles for Elba, and 222 sq miles for Ibiza. Population of Elba: 30,000. Ibiza: 133,000 inhabitants

Highest point on the island: Monte Capanne, elevation: 1,018 meters or 3,340 ft

Northside of the island greener, south (photo taken near Cavoli) more dry with cactus vegetation

Villa dei Mulini near Portoferraio

MOBY ferry from Elba back to Piombino

Isola de Elba

Ramses Shaffy Live – Laat Me (1978)

30th of May 2017

Ramses Shaffy – Laat Me

Rick Steves’ Andalucia – The Best of Southern Spain

22nd of May 2017

Basic beach pavillion outside Tarifa. View on Africa. Clean golden sand beaches thanks to the Atlantic Ocean

Nerja, very attractive small coastal town. Mountains of the Sierras de Tejeda in the background

Tourists and apes on top of The Rock

I think Andalucia is one of the most beautiful and inspiring regions of Europe!

Harry’s Garage: Honda Africa Twins in the French Pyrenees

16th of May 2017

I’m not into motorbikes, but this is a spectacular trails adventure in beautiful scenery!

Tread Lightly: do not dump rubbish, make no excessive noise, respect farm and wild animals, and leave gates or fences

as you found them. This way such amazing paths and tracks stay open to all cyclists, bikers and hikers!

Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind (1975)

27th of April 2017

 Etta James

Pet Bison and Esther the Wonderpig

27th of April 2017

Esther the Wonder Pig

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