Gibi ASMR Sleep Therapy

31st of October 2017

ASMR = Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Gibi’s Instagram. ASMR resulting in people sleeping much better

Gregory Porter Performs It’s Probably Me

12th of October 2017

Porter covered Sting’s 1993 released It’s Probably Me at the 2017 Polar Music Prize. Better than the original I think.

No surprise, as Mr Porter sings at the same level as Bobby Womack, Al Green, Stevie Wonder or Marvin Gaye

Gregory performing Let It Be

Rick Steves’ Europe – Tuscany and Umbria Country Charm

8th of October 2017

Another one of Rick Steves’ high quality European travel videos. Informative, pleasant voice over, beautiful scenery

and a slow pace to soak up all marvells of Italy’s best

Lebbis – Happinez

8th of October 2017

Lebbis for me is too much ADHD to watch an entire show, but some of his sketches are brilliant!

Gated Reverb – The Sound Of The Eighties

22nd of August 2017

Susan Rogers

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (2012)

12th of August 2017

Lana Del Rey

Herman Finkers – De Vrouw

7th of August 2017

Herman Finkers

The Martian (2015)

7th of August 2017

The Martian

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