Lucid Air Base Model Will Start at 60,000 USD

20th of March 2017

Company seems more stable than the also Chinese backed Faraday Future. Lucid’s Air entry model will start with an

EPA range of 240 miles or 384 km. Looks very promising!

Fantastic to see how such startups are challenging the old and often corrupt and/or criminal car companies! Biggest

drawback to this new AIR is that the company’s factory in Casa Grande (Arizona) has yet to be built. Deliveries will

start in mid 2019 earliest. If all goes as planned.

Marques Brownlee made a test ride:

Lucid Luxury Electric Mobility

Lucille Ball and Arnold Schwarzenegger (1974)

19th of March 2017

Photo circa late seventies. Posing with his house and Mercedes W116

Vintage often is better than modern. In his prime Arnold was 187 cm or just under 6 ft 2 in height.

Weight off gear about 210 lbs or 95.3 kg. On cycle approx 240 lbs or 109 kg

Scene from “Happy Anniversary and Goodbye“. Interview with Arnold expressing his gratitude to Lucille Ball

Earth, Wind & Fire Live – Devotion (1981)

17th of March 2017

Never fully realised what a fantastic live band EWF was! Very influential group according to this Guardian article.

Wonderful audience participation on this complete “Devotion” live recording

Earth, Wind & Fire

2017 Geneva Motor Show

15th of March 2017

If Jaguar succeeds in bringing this I-Pace to the market in 2018 it will be very interesting! Good looking crossover. The

German “premium” brands have nothing to offer (Except the BMW i3 no dedicated EVs. Electric Golf and B-Class are

rebuilt old fashioned cars)

Toyota/Lexus also no offerings. Volvo’s first EV still many years away. So quite a surprise to have Jaguar as the first luxury

manufacturer after Tesla. Sister company LandRover will probably get their version of the I-Pace

Imo not much news on this years show: no technical breakthroughs, mostly facelifts, updated engines and cars that were

announced quite some time ago (Alpine for example)  YouTube channel of one of the best car journalists: Harry Metcalfe

Samantha Sang – Emotion (1977)

12th of March 2017


Funny Too Cute Pigs Video

9th of March 2017

Pig Brother Blog

Svenska Aeroplan AB

6th of March 2017

SAAB 9000 hatchback, probably an Aero version. First SAAB dealer I visited was the Auto Hotel Rotterdam, located at

the Mariniersweg street (They went out of business in 1995). At the time I had very little knowledge of what I was looking

at, but I found both the 9000 and the brochures quite impressive. Cars are emotion, true!

Quite a cool car. Not based on the Insignia, but on the longer 2010 Buick LaCrosse

When the new 9-5 was introduced, there was some criticism about the interior materials used. NVH, ergonomics.

seats, room and safety apparently very good

Such a pity GM continued to make the same mistakes as Ford Motor Company did with Volvo and Jaguar at the time:

first introducing a car from the lesser brand. And often a year later started building the “premium” version.

A Vauxhall / OPEL owner wouldn’t mind driving a SAAB derivative. The other way around was marketing suicide

Svenska Aeroplan AB

Ice Age – Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)

2nd of March 2017

Ice Age Movie Series

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