Goldfinger at Stoke Park Golf Club

30th of June 2018

Best Bond ever, and best Bond film ever. Interesting facts about “villain” Gert Frobe

Goldfinger  (1964)

Top Gear – Driving in Lucca Italy

28th of June 2018

City of Lucca, advice from the website Crazy Tourist

Anthony Bourdain – What To Eat In New York

28th of June 2018

Anthony Bourdain

David Bowie – Thin White Duke

16th of April 2018

A new quality episode on Polyphonic’s YT Channel. Bowie’s Station To Station album was released in 1976

De Niro Car Salesman

5th of April 2018

Robert De Niro

Scott Galloway 2018 Forecast – Breakup of The Big Tech Companies

4th of February 2018

Very interesting and impressive presentation by professor of marketing Scott Galloway at the 2018

Digital-Life-Design in Munich

Herman Finkers – Daarboven in de Hemel

4th of February 2018

Herman Finkers

Piers Morgan On…..Marbella

19th of January 2018

Objective documentary by Piers Morgan about wealth, lifestyles, crime and corruption in Marbella

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