Rick Steves’ Andalucia – The Best of Southern Spain

22nd of May 2017

Basic beach pavillion outside Tarifa. View on Africa. Clean golden sand beaches thanks to the Atlantic Ocean

Nerja, very attractive small coastal town. Mountains of the Sierras de Tejeda in the background

Tourists and apes on top of The Rock

I think Andalucia is one of the most beautiful and inspiring regions of Europe!

Harry’s Garage: Honda Africa Twins in the French Pyrenees

16th of May 2017

I’m not into motorbikes, but this is a spectacular trails adventure in beautiful scenery!

Tread Lightly: do not dump rubbish, make no excessive noise, respect farm and wild animals, and leave gates or fences

as you found them. This way such amazing paths and tracks stay open to all cyclists, bikers and hikers!

Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind (1975)

27th of April 2017

 Etta James

Pet Bison and Esther the Wonderpig

27th of April 2017

Esther the Wonder Pig

Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto – Doralice (1964)

14th of April 2017

Santa Catarina

Stan Getz

Why Richard Branson is a Marketing Genius

12th of April 2017

Richard Branson owns one of the most polluting companies in Europe (Virgin Atlantic airlines) yet has a green and eco

image. How on earth did he pull that off?

Well, unlike his even more climate offending collegue Michael O’Leary (Who looks like Donald Trump’s retarded cousin)

Branson is a very smart person

Journalists like him a lot and often forget to be critical. Here’s Richard’s cunning strategy:

He invites people to his luxurious Necker Island. Offer media guys such a free holiday and they start to appreciate you

very quickly

Set up a yearly prize for the best idea to reduce greenhouse gases

Invest in “environmentally friendly” fuels, even though they just are a bit less damaging for Earths Ecosystem. It sounds

good and few people will do the math    🙂

His sympathetic underdog media campaigns work wonders, especially when he lifts stewardesses


Meanwhile he continues to operate his fossil fuel guzzling airline. He’s got a Teflon coated personality: very hard to blame

him as he has convinced people that he is aware and actually working on solutions! Whilst flying in his private jet

As he’s been doing this succesfully for decades, it’s something only a brilliant man could do. Amazing guy!    🙂

Cow and Chicken

7th of April 2017

Cow and Chicken cartoon

Oink Art by Pigcasso

31st of March 2017

Pigcasso on the beach, near Cape Town. This pig has more talent than say 90% of all “artists” creating modern art

with their “installations”. Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum  is full of such crap. Loved only by the arrogant cultural elite.

Pigcasso’s work is bright, pure, colorful, original and surprisingly affordable (max 2,000 USD). More power to her!   🙂

Pigcasso with the woman who saved her life, Joanne Lefson

Pigcasso Facebook

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