New construction 80m+ (262 ft+) motoryacht order for ICON Yachts

20th of April 2015

ICON aerial photoICON 250 hull screenshot

Information from the ┬áICON’s press release:

Design: Tim Heywood (Second photo shows the 76m ICON 250 project currently under construction in Harlingen). As

most Heywood designs tend to look quite similar, I guess it will be a steel hull, aluminium superstructure and relatively

high volume boat with >2,000 GT

Specs of the yacht:

Helicopter pad on the foredeck

Central stern garage for large limousine tender

Beach-club with large bathing platform

Diesel electric hybrid propulsion

Top speed: 17 knots

“Experienced owner”

Eight meter (26 ft) glass bottom pool above the tender bay

Tender bay to double as a salt water pool

“She is scheduled to be completed in summer 2017″….

Which is rather quick. Unclear if ICON themselves will build the hull, or it will be (or already has been) subcontracted out.

Perhaps there’s an unfinished hull somewhere which will be towed to Holland soon?

Apart from the ICON 250, expedition yacht Legend is in the large Harlingen drydock

Edit 22/04/2015:

Dutch business monthly Quote reports that ICON Yachts was deliberately pushed into bankruptcy in early 2014 by then

owners Ton van Dam (Dutch) and Alex Shnaider (Canadian), partly because of the high debt load. Quote last year had

reported that ICON was bought by Russian Alexander Mazanov. This now appears more complicated as Ton van Dam

claims he still owns a part of ICON (And perhaps all or most of the real estate?)

According to van Dam ICON’s financial results over 2014 were neutral, and they expect a profit for 2015