New 110m (361 ft) superyacht order for Feadship XL De Vries Makkum?

13th of June 2014

Loods De Vries Makkum Feadship crMadame Gu Makkum 60pc bw

It is rumoured that the De Vries Feadship XL yard in Makkum has signed a new order for a megayacht

apparently measuring 110 meters (361 ft) in length. CEO Sijbrand de Vries mentioned the negotiations

for such a contract in a recent video for a local television station.

Launch of the yacht, Build number 1007, will probably be in Summer 2018.

Steel hull, aluminium superstructure

Exterior design:  Michael Leach

Interior design:  Michael Leach


BN1006 will be launched in 2017

Yachts built at Feadship XL De Vries Makkum or under construction:

#1001  Ocean Victory    75m  (249 ft)   2009

#1002  Musashi              88m  (288 ft)   2011

#1003  Fountainhead      88m  (288 ft)  2011

#1004  Madame Gu        99m  (325 ft)  2013

#1005  Royal Romance  92m  (302 ft)  2014

bn690  Moon Sand          44m  (144 ft)  2015

#1006                               96m  (315 ft) 2017

#1007                             110m  (361 ft) 2018