Feadship’s 2013 launched 99m (325 ft) motoryacht Madame Gu

11th of March 2015

Feadship Madame Gu in tow 90pcFeadship 1004 Madame Gu tug IJsselmeer BW 95pc Madame Gu leaving shed BW II 70pcFeadship Madame Gu side 80pcFeadship Madame Gu bow shed De Vries Makkum 80pcFeadship Madame Gu top deck BW 90pc

Photos taken February 2013. Madame Gu has a beam of 13.6m or nearly 45 feet. Draft: 4.6m (15 ft), and measures

2,920 gross tons. Yacht is apparently Russian owned. Exterior and interior by Andrew Winch. Cruising/top speed:

18/24 knots. Four MTU engines with a total of over 19,000 hp. Crew: 36. Helicopter deck and hangar.

Price / cost: 160 million euros  (Estimate based on GT, and the complexity of this yacht, for instance the expandable

heli deck and hangar/squash court)

Video of Madame Gu in Antibes: