Feadship’s Symphony (#808) megayacht Royal van Lent 101.5m (333 ft) Kaag island

1st of February 2015

Feadship 808 bakboord 60pcFeadship 808 schuin voor 50pcFeadship 808 slepers 55pcFeadship 808 recht voor 35pcFeadship 808 woonboot 55pcFeadship 808 schuin achter 30pcFeadship 808 hydraulisch 30pc Feadship 808 mast 40pcFeadship 808 sleepboot 40pc Feadship 808 vrouw paraplu 35pc

Looks more like a FeadSHIP than a yacht ¬†ūüėČ Well balanced design. Clearly an owner who didn’t went for a¬†maximum

amount of space on board, but wanted a yacht that has some finesse instead of bulkyness. Her dark blue hull makes

her look smaller than she is. Relatively narrow beam considering her lenght: 14.1 m or 46 ft. This also helps to achieve

a more slender appearence of the ship. I expect Tim Heywood and the owner’s team/Feadship to get quite some praise

for this project.

But….where’s progress? Yes, a great looking ship. But what about reducing pollution, lowering emissions and preventing

Global Warming? No hybrid Drive (As in motoryacht Savannah), no Hull Vane Technology (As in Heesen’s FDHF yachts).

Environmental awareness apparently wasn’t on the owners mind when he ordered this yacht. For such a large and

expensive new build launched in 2015, that, in my opinion, is very disappointing.


Price / cost of Symphony:  165 million euros  (Estimate)

Feadship’s Venus, at 1876 gross tons, was built for 105 million euros. Build Number 808, at 3000 gross tons, is the

longest yacht launched to date in The Netherlands. Oceanco’s Indian Empress (Launched in 2000 as Al Mirqab)

measures 95m (312 ft) and 3176 gross tons


Hull 812, measuring 70 m or 230 ft, has taken the place of “808” in the drydock