De Vries XL / Feadship’s 92.5m (303 ft) superyacht Royal Romance (BN1005) in Makkum

20th of October 2014

Feadship 1005 stuurboord 60pcFeadship 1005 side front 60pcFeadship 1005 Makkum cr side 60pcFeadship 1005 Makkum logo 40pcFeadship 1005 Makkum close up boeg 60pcFeadship 1005 De Vries Makkum antenna mast exhausts 50pc

Yacht was launched October the 11th 2014. Room for 14 guests and 22 crew. Exterior: Feadship in-house design, interior

by Seymour Diamond. Steel hull, aluminium superstructure, 2933 gross tons. #1005 features a large pool on the aft main

deck (On the photos covered in white protective material). Dimensions: 12 x 4 x 1.4m (39 x 13 x 4.6 ft), with a glass

overflow at the rear. Engines: two MTU 16V4000 with 3,000 hp each. Six deck glass elevator with glass top deck moonroof

Price / cost of this yacht: 155 million euros

(Estimate based on the gross tonnage, prices of similar ships, the fact that she is custom designed and built, and the

number of expensive features on board)


Hull 1006 will probably arrive next in Makkum, apparently 90 meters (295 ft) in length