AMELS’ VEGA LE180 hull 468 roll out / launched in Vlissingen today

17th of April 2015

Amels Madame Kate and roll out 468 Flushing 60pc Madame Kate and Amels 468 40pc Beachclub Madame Kate 40pc Amels 468 roll out side front 45pcAmels 468 launch roll out port side Vlissingen 50pcAmels hull 470 bow 25pcAmels hull 470 Vlissingen 25pc

Bottom two photos showing LE180 hull / casco NB 470, which Polish tug IKAR delivered yesterday. Limited Edition hull

number 468 arrived at the yard in Vlissingen / Flushing less than one year ago. So far AMELS’ entry level LE model has

proved a succes. Popular charter boats. Hull 470 is the 20th in this LE171/177/180 series.

With so many boats sold, “Unlimited Edition 180” seems appropriate  😉

“468” is the third and final AMELS launch of 2015. Next year at least four launches:

2 x LE180

1 x LE242 Project Freefall (nb 7401)

1 x LE272 (nb 8301)


Limited Edition 180 details:

Length:  55m or 180 ft

Beam:  9.4m or 37 ft

Draft:  3.35m or 11 ft

Max speed:  15.5 knots

Range:  4,500 nm at 13 knots

Steel hull and aluminium superstructure

Exterior design:  Tim Heywood

Interior design:

Guests / crew:  12/12

Gross Tonnage:  672 or 707 (AMELS’ site mentions two numbers)

Price / cost:  37 million euros

Or you can buy a previously owned one, such as 2013 built Engelberg for the same amount. AMELS’ 2012 built Step One

is yours for 37 million euros

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