2017 Geneva Motor Show

15th of March 2017

If Jaguar succeeds in bringing this I-Pace to the market in 2018 it will be very interesting! Good looking crossover. The

German “premium” brands have nothing to offer (Except the BMW i3 no dedicated EVs. Electric Golf and B-Class are

rebuilt old fashioned cars)

Toyota/Lexus also no offerings. Volvo’s first EV still many years away. So quite a surprise to have Jaguar as the first luxury

manufacturer after Tesla. Sister company LandRover will probably get their version of the I-Pace

Imo not much news on this years show: no technical breakthroughs, mostly facelifts, updated engines and cars that were

announced quite some time ago (Alpine for example)  YouTube channel of one of the best car journalists: Harry Metcalfe